About Kohler Signs

Kohler Signs is a family-owned and managed business established in August 2003. The owners, Lloyd and Gerard Kohler, combined a total of 40 years of respective engineering and production management skills to enter the niche market of road sign manufacture. Within five years of commencing operations, we have become leaders in our field of expertise in Cape Town and its surroundings.

Company Philosophy and Competitive Edge

We strive to be the preferred road sign manufacturer and professional service provider, with a reputation for excellence in our field of expertise. Therefore, we advise on the importance and cost-effectiveness of working to the requirements of the Road Traffic Act, the latest SADC Road Traffic Signs Manual guidelines and road authority technical specifications. Our advantage is in the added value we offer the industry with our expertise in other related areas such as the compilation of signage inventories, road signs systems design, sign face design, traffic accommodation signage design and advisory services.
We train our staff personally in all aspects of the manufacturing process, to ensure skills development and production which is cost-effective and of the highest quality. We strive for continual staff improvement and are therefore committed to quality staff training. As a small business, we see an opportunity to support our government’s drive for job creation and skills development to address unemployment. Therefore, we seek to employ and train persons who wish to develop themselves.

We are committed to job creation, skills transfer and staff development. Therefore, we undertake to employ individuals with a view to achieve these objectives. Our specific goal in this regard is to create full-time employment opportunities in an economically sustainable environment.


The owners have extensive management and technical skills.
Lloyd is a Civil Engineer with experience in all aspects of road signage. His knowledge extends beyond manufacture to the compilation of signage inventories, road signage policy formulation, road sign navigational systems design, sign detail design, construction and project management. Previous employers include the City of Cape Town (Municipal Traffic, Transport and Roads Engineer), Arcus Engineering Consultants (Design Engineer) and Gibb (Project Manager / Design Engineer).

Gerard’s expertise, gained as the Production Manager at a large motor component manufacturer covered responsibility for the production of quality plastic and special steel components for the motor vehicle industry for both the local and export market. He was responsible for an annual production budget of R16 million (2002). He was instrumental in developing quality standards, improved production targets, and safety and training systems. His efforts were rewarded with achieving SABS, ISO 9002, Nosa 4-star safety rating and many Quality awards received from top motor manufactures in South Africa as well as the Supplier of the Year Quality Award from Toyota, Japan.

Some of our proud accomplishments include:

  • Upgrading road signs in Cape Town along major routes M3, M4, M5 and M10 (2009/10)
  • City of Cape Town Annual road signs maintenance contract for 3 out of 4 regions (2007/08)
  • Table Bay Boulevard (N1) northbound (Cape Town) Overhead Gantry signs (2010)
  • Green Point Park signage (next to Cape Town Stadium) (2010)
  • Century City Station signage (2010)
  • Branding of municipal buildings for City of Cape Town (Eastern and Northern Regions) (2006 – 2008)
  • Cape Town Tourism Annual signs contract (2008)
  • Road Signs Audit for City of Cape Town (2007)
  • Specialist road signs advisory service for various organisations (schools, churches, non-profit facilities etc.)


In terms of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (2003) Kohler Signs is an automatic level 3 contributor by virtue of being more than 50% black-owned with no risk of fronting. We qualify as an EME and offer a Procurement Recognition value of 110% to businesses with whom we partner.

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

We are currently rated 4SKPE with the CIDB.

Statutory Requirements and Memberships

Kohler Signs meets all statutory requirements for business operations in South Africa. We are VAT registered with SARS, the Department of Labour (including OHS ACT compliant), the CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) and the MEIBC (Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council. We are also affiliated to WECBOF (Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum), Tradeworld and the Cape Regional Chamber of Commerce. We are registered as a service provider to numerous local authorities in the Western Cape and national corporates.